Friday, February 3, 2012

Adios Amigos

 I know many of you have read my email today letting you know that this is my last day in for Mr. Hunt.

I will very much miss the students and staff, but I know that with a grand daughter at Cedar Grove I will have some good excuse to come into the school at some time and join the parents and other grand parents who get into the school to volunteer and contribute to the school in that way.

I expressed in the note home how much I feel that you have a great school for your children to attend and I know a lot of that is a direct consequence of how you as families work so hard to support Cedar Grove in so many ways.

Mr. McGowan knows the school well and it won't take him much time to get to know you.

In my meeting with him today as part of the transition, I strongly pointed out that in my almost 100 days at the school, I have a scant 6 entries in my behaviour file, and none of those are duplicate student entries. Yes, I work with students weekly on behaviour issues, but they are relatively minor and I can happily say that there are so many interesting and creative things happening that occupy the majority of my attention.

I guess this will be my last blog entry and I want to thank you for reading.

Friday art comes from Ms. Andersen's class
and the great paper mache masks they are building

See you around ...

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Family Literacy Day

From every bit of feedback our Family Literacy Day today was a huge success.

Staff members worked on the organization for the morning and parents provided delicious baked goods. Children brought their reading skills to the forefront and many wore PJs or costumes. I'm told the turnout was the highest number in years. Thanks for your support!

This slideshow is from some of the photos I took, but I have many more I haven't yet gone through from Mrs. Sammartino, Mrs. Webb, and Ms. Corbo.

The grade 6 and 7 boys played the "big guys" from Roberts Creek this afternoon. The game was fast! Although the Creek won the day, I could see a lot of athletic promise from our boys who are under the direction of Mr. Williams. There were lots of points scored by both teams and our team was gracious in defeat... something I know that is taught to them as being good team members. They have a good number of games remaining in the season and then the full day tourney at the end of March.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Not much time

I didn't get any really extended time to be in the classes today with a lot of administration stuff going on, including the continuing administration of the FSA to the grade 4s and 7s. My original schedule is jumbled up a bit because of different events that must take priority such as Ms. Haavisto coming today to work with the classes. Today in her presentations she got to use one of our two, new document cameras that the PAC so graciously donated for the students to use. It is a great device and will get a lot of use. One is for the primary classes to share and the other is for Mr. Pond's class and that will complete the intermediate students having one available for use in each classroom.

Tomorrow morning we have our Family Literacy day and the day begins at 8 am in the gym with families invited to grab a snack and read with the children. I know some will be dressed up for the day and some will come in pyjamas and some will just come and read. Whatever you decide to do, I hope it is to come and share some of your time with us. I'll just give a hint that I will be dressed as a character with the initials CU :)

I posted the minutes for the January meeting of PAC on the website today and you can click on the link to get them from here as well.

One of the Science displays outside Mrs Andersen
and Ms. Krannenberg's room
Looking forward to tomorrow...