Thursday, December 8, 2011

Another busy day

And one of incredible variety.

It really was a great day for the primary students as they accompanied staff and many parents to the arena today for a wonderful skate. Many thanks to Mrs. Sammartino for giving me a good collection of the shots she took today of the children. Of the dozens she gave me, I hope you get a good feeling of the fun that was had from the six I chose for this collage. And thanks, too, to Ms. McAllister for working with Mrs. Hilstad on getting the plans put together and to the parents to responding to my last minute out cry for drivers and more car seats. The hot chocolate afterwards was a real treat.

Mrs. Hilstad located the Christmas Tree the other day and I had a couple of students pull it out. Now, I am a real klutz when it comes to things like this and one of the moms happened to mention that her son was a real whiz at putting things together and loved to do their tree at home.

I asked Aaron if he might want to do ours after school and he jumped at the opportunity.


Thanks Aaron.

We had a great band class this afternoon under the direction of Mrs. Leander. She combined the two classes here and her Langdale class for an extended class. It was nice to listen to the children play.

You will see on our blog that I am a member of Twitter. I posted a photo the other day on Twitter praising our band and I got a response from another teacher who is a music and band teacher on the mainland. She asked who our teacher was. When I told her, she said, "She is an amazing teacher.  She was my student teacher last year; best one I've ever worked with!  Enjoy!" It is so special to have such a well respected "rookie" on our staff.

Mrs. Leander with her Cedar Grove and Langdale band.

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  1. Nice entry Mr. Cotter. I like the way you have the collage of pictures above. I think I need some in-servicing. Keep up the great job at Cedar Grove!