Friday, December 9, 2011

Parent focus

I think I get it now. Full moon, one week to winter break.

Lots of increased activity now at the school and with the children. Winter break, Christmas holidays are coming and the focus in the school is changing ever so slightly. A friend in the alternative school reminded me that at this time of year, we halve our expectations and double our patience. So true.

Time spent decorating, working on reading and math and other subjects.

Busy days for sure.
A huge thank you to parents for the activities you were involved in today, from getting out the popcorn, collecting and organizing the baked goods for tomorrow's bake sale at the Sunnycrest Mall, working after school with children who wanted to make Christmas wreaths. You contribute so much to the school and the children. Thank you!

Students and teachers together are working on the backdrop for
next weeks Christmas concert performances. I hope you can be here.
Back on Monday...

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