Wednesday, December 7, 2011

A day of variety

I have 20-15 who has 32?

Part of a round robin math game in Mr. Williams class that uses different ways to express place value. The answer, of course is *

There are many different ways children learn their arithmetic skills. Some are good at rote memorization, some at repetition of facts, some by playing with manipulatives, some children are oral learners, some visual, some tactile.

When you see Arithmetic, or Math, taught in our classrooms you will see a variety of approaches used. Math games like Mr. Williams was using today are one fun way of looking at place value.

Mr. Kellough, a teacher for Elphinstone, brought his concert band and his jazz band to the school this morning to entertain. And, the students were entertained as were the staff and a few parents in the audience. Some of you will recognize three former Cedar Grove students in the images above. These students got their musical start here and have gone on to advancing their skills at the high school ... yes, isn't it great that schools are about more than the reading, writing, and arithmetic skills? Mr. Kellough announced at the beginning of the performance that the shows they were putting on today were a good work through for them in anticipation of their evening concert next week at Elphinstone School.

The grade 7 students have been helping with the, by donation, sale of raffle tickets for this beautiful gingerbread house made for us to support our PAC fund raising efforts.

Tickets will continue to be sold at the school tomorrow and Friday, then the gingerbread house will move to the Sunnycrest Mall for final sales as part of our baked goods event.

Finally for today before you look at the * at the bottom of the page, I would like to remind you of the food and toy collection we are hoping will be successful towards support for a needy family in the community. We have made a commitment to the Ministry of Children and Families to "adopt" a family of 5 - Mom, Dad, and three children - for Christmas. There is a box in the office for monetary donations and as soon as the tree is up in the front hallway we hope to place boxes there for any toy or food donations - including turkey bucks - you might have for this family.

* 20 + 12 of course, now, who has 68?

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