Saturday, December 3, 2011

A Friday to Celebrate

The assembly this morning was led by two of our grade 7 girls who did a fantastic job. For part of the assembly, we had Mr. Williams class recite a poem they have been learning and Mrs. Webb introduced a few of the students who will be performing a bit later this month at the Heritage Theatre with herself and a number of other students from around the District.

The girls started the assembly with a bit of a joke about how the nose feels when it is not picked ... you had to be there... and this was a nice segue into one of the things I wanted to talk about and that was play and choosing who to play with. One of the common "complaints" we supervisors outside get is that so and so won't play with me today. This often with an expectation that we will make it happen. I talked to them about how it is not always the case that we play with our current best friend every single day and that the school population gives them a good chance to meet and play with others, expanding their groups. This piece of socializing is often one the hardest bits to learn, but we are working on it.

Along the same lines, I recognized three boys who had been brought to my attention as boys who had seen some children with a need to get involved in play - they were Grade 4, the others Kindergarten, and offered themselves as recess/lunchtime buddies.

Now just how cool is this. Sharing goes on in a lot of the classes on a daily basis. I mean the kind of sharing where a student brings something to the classroom to share with their classmates. They are most often asked questions about what they have brought in order to develop their oral presentation skills.

In Mrs. Chambers classroom today, one of the girls brought a carrot plant.

It seems only two of the students in the class were taller than the plant!

Friday Artwork from Division 3

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