Thursday, December 1, 2011

Some days...

... are just like that.

I was supposed to be away at a training session today but got called back from Kinnickinnik because of a shortage of staff that affected Cedar Grove. The training had a physical component to it and so I was in "comfortable" clothes and that was a bit of a laugh. Some children noticed the no tie, but none commented on the sweat pants and running shoes. I'll still need the training, but that will be at a later date.

A number of the students I talked with today about things actually related around this little poster that is part of Mr. Pond's work with his students... not in the direct sense, but often in the problem solving I do with the students about incidents that come up from time to time.

There are always the facts that are part of any problem to solve, but there are also no shortages of opinions. As a non-classroom teacher, I often get to work with students to determine the reality of what went on in a given situation. It is all part of learning.

Tomorrow we have our December assembly and I'll be talking with the students about a few things, Mr. Williams class will have some poetry to share, and I will have my November slideshow for the students to see. The assembly will be MC'd for the first time this school year by some of our grade 7 students. It should be fun.

This group wanted to pose for my first December shot of the month.

 Since I was back at the school unexpectedly for the lunch hour, I invited the grade 7 girls into the gym to have another playing practice for our younger girls who are going to the district volleyball tournament tomorrow.

Once again, the older girls were great sports, setting up the equipment and playing their game to help keep the ball in play for our school team.

I wish I could be at Elphinstone tomorrow to see some of the tourney. I hope some of you can make it.

Until tomorrow...

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