Tuesday, December 6, 2011

iPhone day

My 35mm camera is temporarily broken down with the primary lens not playing properly for auto focus. Things like that happen for all of us with the tools we use for the job - well, not that a 35mm camera is essential to the job, but you know what I mean. Today was a day to wander around with my iPhone for the photos of my day. Can't wait to put another of my lenses on my camera.

Concentration on the math work after recess was a bit easier accomplished today as the children were heading away to the ice rink at 11 this morning with their teachers, one of the SETAs and the volunteers. 

And, from the feedback I got it was a pretty good event. I was concerned when the message got passed along the vine and got to me to say that a student had his hand skated over and lost a finger, but, after the brief moment of panic when I talked with the child's teacher, it turned out it was not a bad cut that he had, but a cut indeed.

The primary students are off on their year end skate on Thursday and I hope they have as much fun as the older students.

Both Division 1 and Division 2 students got together for music this afternoon and it looks as though the band performance next week will be an entertaining one.

Please note that the singing component of the Christmas event will be in the afternoon next week and the band component in the evening. Watch for more reminders to follow.

And tomorrow (Wednesday morning, 9:30) we will be entertained by the Elphinstone Concert Band and you are most welcome to attend.

I will be away tomorrow afternoon at the School Board office for a meeting of Administrators and Mr. Williams will be the person in charge of the school.

Until tomorrow...

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