Monday, December 5, 2011

Visitors galore

I've mentioned before how Mr. Williams is collecting information about the weather and having the children make observations and collect data about the mornings.

It was quite cool outside at recess today so I thought I'd take a peek at his thermometer. Now is that below 0 or what, and I'm certain it was colder this morning first thing. The frost was pretty heavy out there.

Aside from having the children dress warmly for outside play, take care on the way to school if you are biking or driving. The black ice can be treacherous.

For the morning, Mrs. Sammartino had a number of adult visitors in her class. I took the children for the first 20 minutes of the day and then they went back to class and had quite a good time with the moms and dads who had come.

Mr. Pond was showing a segment from the this movie about Caribou and Inuit. It was filmed in the mid 1960s and the media was 16mm film.

Our district still has a number of older National Film Board movies available for classroom use.

I gave Mr. Pond a bit of a hand feeding the projector bringing back memories of a class I took at Simon Fraser University in the 1969 which gave me a certificate to show I knew how to use audio visual resources in support of my teaching.

The intermediate classes are taking some time tomorrow to go skating and the primary students are going to the rink on Thursday. Thanks to our volunteer drivers for making this happen.

Wednesday morning we will be treated to the Elphinstone Concert Band in the early morning. Any parents who wish to attend are welcome to do so. We will likely get underway about 9:30.

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