Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Not all students do their work entirely within the walls of the classroom. Sometimes you will see students at desks in the hallway working and it isn't necessarily because they have been sent out of class but rather because they find that a better place to work!

Sometimes the students are working in small groups or as teams. And sometimes tables or desks are not the most critical things necessary to get the job done. Work goes on in lots of different places in our school and it is often interesting for me to see and listen to the conversations that go on around the learning that is taking place.

Mr. Bocking reviews a Surrey schools walking plan
I wish I could find online one of the graphics used in a presentation I saw at a meeting I had to attend at the School Board Office this afternoon. The caption was:
Boy: Why can't I walk to school?
Mom: Because there is too much traffic.
We have a lot of traffic in our school community and I was asked to attend the meeting to consider our school and Halfmoon Bay Elementary participating in a pilot project through HASTE BC to develop along with the Regional District a School Travel Plan which would result in more students walking or bike riding to schools. I commented about the lack of safe walking routes for our neighborhood and part of the preliminary work if we become involved in the project will be surveys about how our children come to school now, potential routes and their safety... much in the way of community input. The principal of Halfmoon Bay and I expressed some degree of interest, both of us indicating there would have to be sufficient infrastructure work done to make this idea a reality.  This was an exploratory meeting and more will come in the new year.

Our grade 7 girls were great today. On Friday the junior volleyball team representing our school will be at Elphinstone for the day in the final tournament of the year.

The grade 7s offered to have a "playing practice" with the younger girls and it worked out extremely well. It was good to see the older girls make a good effort to keep the ball in play, not serving too hard or trying to spike the ball.

Nicely done... and good luck to our younger girls on Friday.

Tomorrow I'm up at Kinnickinnik school for a safety training and Mr. Williams will be the Teacher in Charge. I'll be back at school on Friday and plan to have an assembly on Friday morning at 0930. If you happen to be around, please join us.

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