Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Basketball and Soup Labels

Basketball has found its place on the calendar, both inside the gym for instruction during PE periods and team practices and also out side on the basketball court at recess and lunch. It was very cool out today, but the blue sky and sun meant the games have begun. There were even some of the girls playing out at the hoops at the back end of the parking lot.

We are fortunate this season to have a number of school teams. We are looking forward to the interschool schedule to come out so our students can meet and play with others in the next two months.

Mr. Pond is coaching the grade 4s and 5s as mixed teams. He has about 30 young athletes coming out for practice and I know he is appreciative of any other adult help he can get. Mr. Williams is coaching our grade 6 and 7 boys. Watching them play outside and practice, it looks to be a good year. I am coaching the grade 6 and 7 girls and I have a good number of strongly interested players, though with our practices being at 7:30 am it will be through sleepy eyes at first I'm sure.

As I put into an email home today, Friday this week is the official cut off day for the first segment of our collection of Campbell Soup Labels. We are gathering these in an effort to get some additional outside play equipment.

The students are aware that the winning division, the one with the most labels counted after Friday closing, will win the first prize and a special classroom treat.

The count for the second segment starts on Monday next week, so even if your child's class does not win the big prize this time, they still have an opportunity to do so.

Tomorrow afternoon I have a principals' meeting in Sechelt so I will be away after lunch. On Thursday, I have a medical appointment in Vancouver. So, tomorrow afternoon and all day Thursday, Mr. Williams will be the Teacher In Charge.

... until tomorrow ...

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