Thursday, January 19, 2012

Writing and Numbers

It was fun watching some of the kindergarten children "playing" with numbers today. They were using some modeling clay to make the digits and some were combining the digits together to make larger numbers. As I talked with them I noticed that some had the numbers written backwards, as often happens when learning the letters and numbers, so it was interesting to see them make comparisons of the shapes with their number lines. Here is a little movie I made of one of the students constructing a number for me to see:

Later, I had a chance to sit in on a lesson being taught in Mrs. Chambers class by one of our district staff members, Bev Craig. Bev is the Literacy support teacher for the district and she does sample lessons, gathers data through assessments, collects and shares and offers us the opportunity to purchase good language arts materials.

And it was off to the library where our librarian, Ms. Corbo also works with classes on the writing process which is one of our school goals this year.

Is tomorrow already Friday?

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