Monday, January 9, 2012

Outside Day

Yes, a lot more happened at school today besides the play outside, but for me it was a busy meeting, behind the computer and only a brief time in the classroom day.

On the weekend I noticed on the weather sites that we were to have rain today and then a cooling trend happening through the week with close to freezing temperatures by weeks end.

It didn't rain and we were far from cold as this shot of Mr. Williams analog data collector shows. It was a good day outside for recess and lunchtime breaks and I enjoyed every minute of it.

Okay, there was some water around, and this shot is from the grounds, not the US Mid West...  a few of the younger students were using their construction skills - mostly with their feet - to build a farm yard that was flooding. They were building dams and islands to keep the animals as safe as they could.

Other students were enjoying the mild weather out on the grounds in shirtsleeves on the adventure playground.

And others, simply enjoyed some of the other beautiful places to play.

Walking around, I could sense for yet another day the large number of happy children attending our school. From the groups on the all-weather field playing a couple of games of soccer to the one making some use of the ball diamond for a kickball game to the ones playing hide and tag games racing around the playing area to those on swings and other play apparatus.

Good feelings...

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