Saturday, January 14, 2012

First years

I got to spend some good time with our two Kindergarten classes today. It is wonderful watching them develop over the 3 plus months I have been here. Today, the classes had their "Friday" teachers in the classroom, Mrs. Perry and Mrs. Reid.

Although I did see lots of literacy and play, I also enjoyed watching some math related activities - greater than/less than in one class and measurement in another.

I also have started working directly with these classes on the computers this month. The two lessons so far have focused on how to use the keypad and clicker to select options, drag and drop and today making dot drawings. We also delved into some exploring of other options within the KidPix program. We'll do this for another week or two, and then extend ourselves into something else to add new skills.

Friday art ... the beginnings of paper mache construction
Have a great weekend!

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