Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Numeracy and Arts

I just got home from the DPAC meeting and I'll try to give as much information from it as I can at our PAC meeting tomorrow night. There was an excellent presentation from Kirsten Deasy about the early learning programmes in our school district and some statistics that show over the years how much the programme has meant to the readiness of our children, district wide, for kindergarten.

Which leads me to today's numeracy observations in Mrs. Morris' class as I did both observations and did some teaching with a group of kindergarten children making number sentences.

Here you see some pipe cleaners and coloured beads which the children threaded onto the pipe cleaners.

And here is a short video of one minute of the time I worked with my group:

As you can see they came up with a number of different stories for 8. One student even did a number story for 8 and 0 is 8. Imagine that!

In the afternoon I visited Mrs. Leander's class and sat in on both the band classes ... grade 7 and grade 6.
Now, for the audio portion of this blog entry, a little snippet from the grade 6s. You can hear the whole band at our upcoming assembly.

See you in the am... 

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