Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Camel days and goodbyes

When you think of the school year, you think of a long period with a number of days. But in every year there is a camel analogy ... hump day, and for at least one class in our school today was that day.

Can you tell why from the photo? I was in this class on Monday this week and noticed during the calendar session that the students had been in session for 69 days and had 73 days to go. The counting of these days with place-value grouping and recording told me that this Wednesday was going to be a very special day and here is the proof.

This week our school says good-bye to a teacher who has been with us since the beginning of the year. On Monday, Mr. Thorburn will join the staff of Kinnikinnick school to continue his work on the FastForword programme with students there. From my observations of the work the students have done with the programme it is of exceptional value and we were fortunate to have a significant number of students work with him. Many parents who have met with Mr. Thorburn understand the value for their children in the area of reading both from a comprehension perspective and also from an oral reading perspective.

 And although not a final good-bye by any means, those in attendance at tonight's PAC meeting were given the news that our co-chairs, Heidi Riggs and Angela Sears are stepping down. The PAC is looking for a new chairperson(s) and there will be information on the PAC board near the office. People at the meeting thanked the ladies for the time they have devoted to lead our many volunteers with great enthusiasm. The ladies did say that they were not "out of PAC" but felt this was a good time for a leadership change over as things are running along smoothly and they would be here for some time (Angela has a child in grade 6, and Heidi one in 7 and two in 4) to help mentor those who wish to step forward. From my perspective, though I will miss my interactions with them in the PAC sense, I think they are doing this a good way, rather than wait for the end of the year, leaving the new leaders to try to learn over the summer. I encourage any of you reading this and thinking you might be the one to get involved in this way to connect with Angela or Heidi. And, I add my thanks to the way they have kept things on track this year.

Off to relax a bit ... see you tomorrow.

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