Tuesday, January 17, 2012

In the classroom

Of course I am in the classroom(s) as much as practically possible, but this afternoon was a bit different. The school district ran short of substitute teachers and Ms. McAllister was off on a medical leave with no substitutes available to replace her for the afternoon. So... over to me. I had a pretty enjoyable afternoon with the students, but as you might imagine with a class of grade twos and threes, I didn't take the time to take photos.

I do have a little project in mind for this class that involves photos and a video, but that will be later.

In the morning I was in another class and one of the students had a small lunch baggie with some snow she had collected outside. I asked the question, what is the temperature of the snow? I didn't know the answer myself and after thinking could it be warmer or colder than the ground temperature outside we decided to find out. Actually, I thought the snow would be 0*, but I was wrong.

Using the thermometer outside Mr. Williams room it was determined that the temperature was -3*. Measuring the temperature of the snow in the baggie, it was -4*. Is the data accurate? Is a degree difference significant? Were our eyes correct in noting the temperatures? What can we find at Wikipedia about the temperature of snow? Nothing it seems. What other places could we look for the data? Is this part of the curriculum, or simply inquiry based learning? Are there similar things you could do at home after school or on the weekends to support this kind of questioning... just a few thoughts.

The news is out... well, posted in the hallway at school.

The Campbell's Promotion collected 1559 eligible labels.

Mrs Chambers class collected the most and will receive their free pizza day this

Children will be encouraged to watch for the new collection bags to arrive in the classes for our next contest which will end on May 15th.

Thank you, Susan Goddard - Label Counter Extraordinaire :)

Basketball practice kicks off the morning tomorrow. 

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