Friday, October 28, 2011

Aren't Fridays great!

I got around this morning to look at a number of planners that the students and teachers use for back and forth communication. Some are full of information for the day and some have fewer bits and pieces of writing.

One thing I notice in many of the planners, particularly for the younger children, is a note from mom or dad encouraging the child to have a great day, or an I Love You message. Nice to see.

I hope many of you take a look at what the children or teachers have written in the planner on a regular basis and see the attachments and printouts that come home in the front of them.

The planners also offer a good place for you to initiate a communication with your child's teacher. I hope you find them useful.

A big thank you to Ms. Webb who helps with the organization of the primary use of computers on Friday afternoons. A few of the primary classes take advantage of that and go to the library where the laptops stay in place for the afternoon and students work as individuals, in buddy pairs, or in small groups on what the teacher has in mind for the day.

A good amount of art work was being done in the last hour of the day as I visited with some classes. As I said in another blog article, there are some talented artists among us and I love to see this kind of work.

I hope to see a number of you with your child in costume on Monday. A number of Ms. Thomson's students with some volunteer moms and dads have been working on a special Hallowe'en treat that will be unveiled on Monday.

I'm looking forward to a relaxing weekend and I trust you are too. 

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  1. It was great visiting your blog! What a great tool for communicating with parents. I look forward to following your blog regularly. Mr. H