Thursday, October 27, 2011

Just another Thursday

I got around to a number of classes today and sat in on some for a more extended period of time to watch the learning taking place. I guess I was a bit of distraction with my tie today - but none of the little ones were scared by it and most said they thought it was a pretty cool three-dimensional tie.

Still thinking about what to wear on Monday and I do hope to see a lot of the students, staff, and parents with weaponless costumes on for at least part of the day.

A few of the grade 7 students are acting as student monitors during the lunch period, going into the primary classes to sit with the children while they eat their lunch. This is a great leadership opportunity and the two students in this class seem to enjoy talking and playing with the students as they eat. Their help takes some of the pressure off the SETAs who move about the classrooms during this time.

Practices two days a week are a lot of fun, but there is nothing like playing a bunch of games after school and we fielded a couple of grade 5 girl's teams today to take on Langdale. Both teams demonstrated what they are learning about the game beyond PE class and everyone had a great time. Big thanks to the coaches and referees from both schools who help make this happen for the children.

Until tomorrow...

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