Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Was it a nice day today or what?

Another beautiful day today at Cedar Grove. Since I have been here (not that I'm taking any credit for this :) we have had less than 10 minutes of rain in a recess or lunch break. That's not to say we shouldn't be prepared. The school does have a practice of having the children stay indoors on rainy days, unless they are properly prepared to go outdoors. That means boots, jackets, maybe rain pants, whatever seems to make sense. This is to try and ensure what they wear indoors during class time is dry.

Today was one of the days we are visited by our Aboriginal Education teacher, Ms. Haavisto and today she brought with her a talking stick. For part of her time with the students, they studied the stick and the individual elements that make up the stick ... raven, eagle, etc. While I was in the room with this class, I must say the students demonstrated some real knowledge and understanding of the stick.

In one of the afternoon classes we were joined by the District Superintendent who spent some time in one of the other classes.

Is it almost that time? It sure is and many of the primary classes have activities integrated with the language arts, the music, the fine arts that revolve around Hallowe'en themes.

The current plan is to have students come to the school dressed for the day (minus any weapon related props). I've heard that some of the teachers will also get into the act.

And then on November 1st, some of our grade 6 and 7s will head up to Ted Dixon Park for the annual Sugar Bowl, a fun soccer activity run to help burn off some energy.

I know some of you have iPads at home and a Twitter contact of mine from another school district has put together a great resource of apps. that you might like to review. Some are free and others a small cost. I can't seem to put my hand on the link right at this moment, but I will share it later.

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