Tuesday, October 18, 2011

More adults than children

Today I spent more time with adults than children. That's part of the job and as much as I like working with and observing children at play and at work, meeting with adults about many children's individual needs is a part of the job. And that is good too.

Going through classes the last little while I see students working on concepts in Math, some of which have names and definitions to know. Radius, perpendicular, obtuse, parallel, center, diameter, acute, right, etc. There are many things around us that we see every day that can be used to talk to our children to help reinforce these ideas and concepts. These shots from the adventure playground are just a few examples. When you have a chance to make observations on walks you takes with the family, don't hesitate to look for the geometry in nature and elsewhere. Reinforce the work you children are learning now, have learned in the past, and may learn in the future. They don't have to be studying these concepts right at the minute... any time is a good time.
Environments in a bottle. Even the snails agree.

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