Thursday, October 13, 2011

Around the school

When was the last time you had green eggs and ham? Seriously. I had a good helping of it today and it was a production of Mrs. Sammartino's Kindergarten students. And you know, it was pretty tasty, eggs perfectly cooked and the ham had a nice smoky flavour. Of course the vegetarians in my family might not agree, but I thought it was delicious. Thanks!

Half the grade 7 class went this morning with Ms. Andersen to the Salvation Army to assist with their program. The other half of the class went into Ms. McAllister's room to be buddy learners with the grade ones. Buddying from time to time proves to be a good experience for both the older and the younger students and this kind of co-operation between teachers makes for good learning all round.

Cedar Grove School has access to laptop technology and the COWS (Computers On WheelS) get used for a number of things, including research. I had a chance to observe a number of students in Ms. Kennedy's class researching information about the Provinces which will ultimately be used in presentations on the Smartboards through their use of Notebook software.

Lots of good learning going on!

As well, we had the Gibsons Volunteer Firemen here today along with the McDonald firehouse that is located in Halfmoon Bay. The firemen kindly bring the house to the school every year for our students in grades K-4 to have a workshop on fire safety. The students in grades 5-7 wish they could be involved as well. I hope when the young students bring their notes home, you get a good chance to ask them about the 1/2 hour they spent with the firemen.

And finally, a special thanks to one of the fireman who assisted with a totally non related injury we had with a student who had fallen in the main entrance area of the school and banged up an elbow. Our volunteers deserve a huge thanks.

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