Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A day of variety

I just looked at my statistics page for this blog and note that I have had 500 views. I wonder if that includes all my reloads ;-). Thanks so much for reading, it is a nice diary for me to have of this current experience and I enjoy sharing my days with you.

Today included being principal, working in a class for Ms. Carsky so she could attend a district special education meeting, attending a meeting after school in Sechelt with the other administrators, and giving a report at the PAC meeting. Yes, lots of variety.

We had about 18 people at the PAC meeting and here is a link to my report. The minutes will be posted later on the school's website.

When I was in the math class for Ms. Carsky we did a math activity called Kakooma. You can go to the Kakooma website and take a test-drive version of the program and if you like it get yourself a copy. It is a simple math game with a Suduko type board that is mental math oriented to see if you find number pairs that add up to a third number.

We also used the website, a site which the school is evaluating for use by these math students in an attempt to more closely individualize instruction with the application recording time on task as well as individual student progress. Each of the students has their own login ID and password. When our evaluation period is up we will need to determine whether to continue using this approach to individualizing instruction.

Students volunteering to help keep our playing area clean. 

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