Monday, October 31, 2011

Spooky Day

 Well, I have to say it was a pretty entertaining day today at the school. We had a good number of students wearing costumes as well as parents who came as characters and staff as well.

There were a few students from Ms. Thomson's (Audrey's) who came to me last week and asked if they might put together a bit of a haunted house. Student initiated events are some of my favourite ones and this was no exception. I asked them to get a few of the parents involved throughout the week, assisting them with ideas and decorations. And that they did... much thanks to the parents.

The houses ... two of them, one dark and one light ... were ready to go at the last minute and the plan was to have the houses open for the primary students. Mr. William's class was going to be off to the swimming pool later in the day so we had them go first. In a way they were the ones chosen to let the older children work out some of the kinks.

All went well and most students were told that the "dark" house was the most scary one, so if they chose to go in only one house, that was just fine.

As we got the primary students through, it was decided to open the doors to the intermediates as well and we concluded the showing with the Grade 7s after lunch.

Hearty congratulations go out to the organizers. They did a great job, and I hope they learned from their efforts.
One cool looking dude!

Tomorrow some of the grade 6 and 7 students will be heading up to Ted Dixon Park in Sechelt to play in the annual Sugar Bowl soccer tournament run by one of my old teaching buddies, Jim Grey. It is always a wonderful way to burn off the post Hallowe'en energy.

Thanks to Ms. Anderson and parent volunteers for getting the students up there and to Ms. Kennedy for providing a program for those students who have made it their choice not to go this year.

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