Thursday, October 20, 2011

Writing and other things

I left this image a bit larger than the ones I usually post online.

One of the goals of the school for this year is to work on the writing process. And that work, begins at a young age. The other day I posted a photo of some sequencing work that was going on and resulting in some stories. I recorded one of the girls reading her story to share and today I'm sharing one of the stories written by one of the grade 2 boys.

When I talked with him, he was super excited to be telling me his story. We didn't get a chance for him to record him reading, but I think if you take a look at this e-story you'll get the idea why he was so excited.

As part of the budgeting process we naturally hire enough teachers to meet the needs of the students through their placement in classes. Not all of our students are at similar levels according to their ages which is the way the assignment to grades based on age works. I think a lot of you can figure that out when you think of having a birthday party for your 11 year old and noticing how much different a lot of the children are height and weight wise. Or when you go shopping a find that the majority of clothes for your 8 year old just don't fit. Not all children are in the middle of the normal range and that is to be expected. So, we hire SETAs, Special Education Teaching Assistants. Sometimes they work in the classroom, sometimes in small rooms in the school, sometimes in the hallway, and sometimes out on the play field. Lots of options, for lots of different situations.
A student loaned me his Hallowe'en glasses today and another student took my photo. I told you that time of the year was coming and many students are getting into the spirt (no pun intended) early.

Tomorrow is a non-instructional day. I have a couple of things to do early in the morning at the School Board Office, but then I'll be back to Cedar Grove to catch up on some paperwork. If you happen to be by, say hello. I won't be wearing the glasses.

Have a great weekend.

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