Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Some colour today

As much as I like digital products there is nothing like the analog artwork I get to see in the hallways as I move around during the day. We have a lot of talented students and teachers who teach these artists the skills. On the left is some seasonal art from some of our youngest students and on the right some Emily Carr modeling from some of our older students. When you come to visit the school, take some time to travel the hallways and take a look at some of the work. Perhaps when you come to the PAC meeting this Wednesday evening or at a future PAC meeting :)

I spent more time than usual in the Library today where Ms. Corbo was at work with students. She returned to the school following last week's Provincial Conference for librarians. She showed me the small number of new books she was able to purchase. I know I have put the link on the website for our library that you can view and search our collection online. Our library is selectable from the district library. I hope you have a chance to visit it.
Another activity going on in the library with Ms. Corbo is in support of our goal to improve our writing... not the cursive writing or printing, but rather the writing process. Today this class was thinking of ideas to write about a time when they were blamed for something they didn't do and how they felt about that, or identifying three wishes they might have and explaining them to the reader. I also chatted with a boy who was working one-to-one with a parent who was typing out the child's story and we talked about perhaps using the web to publish once the class stories had been transcribed. You may watch for that to come soon.

Our school district has some great apprentiship  programs for older students where they can begin to learn a trade and get job experience and in some cases a first year apprentishship. 

I don't think these Kindergarten students are quite ready for that program though but they certainly were having a good time pretending they were our volunteer firemen!

Over and out for now.

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