Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Today we held a half hour long celebration assembly where I had a chance to thank the children for some of the things they have done over the past three weeks.

One example is that some of our young primary students were acknowledged for the work they have done on their own initiative making an effort to keep the grounds clean. At the same time the other students were asked to help reduce the efforts of these others by taking care of their litter at recess and lunch. Another group recognized were the students who made the haunted house happen, and the students who are taking the lead in taking us forward to Remembrance Day by doing morning readings and playing some classic Remembrance Day music.

We had a presentation from PAC by Mrs. Goddard about the Campbells Soup Label project, an effort that you should have received information about earlier this week.

I had a "conversation" with one of our grade 7 girls, talking about social behaviours and the things she has learned as a student since her kindergarten days, concluding with the observation that she has turned into a pretty good person here at Cedar Grove.

We concluded the assembly with a 6 minute slideshow of them in action at the school. They had a good time looking for themselves in the images. All in all, a good 30 minutes.

Mr. Williams and his class monitor the weather outside the classroom and this morning was quite a cool, windy day. As the students gather their temperature information, they plot it on a graph. They then compare the temperature to the same school day in the previous year.

I talked with Mr. Williams about the value of this exercise and was surprised to know that he has "somewhere between 15 and 20 years" of these graphs in his filing cabinet. What an amazing amount of data that is.

I'll close for today with this observation, about 30 seconds worth, of seeing some of the grade 7s play on the adventure playground the parents worked so hard on getting for the school these past few years. It is a pretty candid look, and I want you to notice particularly how happy and well connected these children look. I get to see a lot of that throughout the day.

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