Thursday, November 24, 2011

Primary is pretty basic

I spent some time this morning in our Kindergarten and grade one classes observing the way the day gets going and watching the children working in small groups and as individuals on beginning skills. It is fascinating to see the little ones learn.

Calendar activities start the day in many classes. The weather and important days in the month are talked about. Students share stories that are important to them and as you can see from the photo where Mrs. Morris is working with the monthly calendar the days here are shown with the dates following along a pattern. Double click on the photo to see the number patterns being followed by the graphical numbers for the dates. Then following some talk about letters, the children moved to the tables to work on making the letters on sheets of paper where they could visualize models. At this age, a good number of students learn how to hold a pencil or other writing device.

Having stories read to you, picking out the important words and finding how some of them fit - then, in this case, drawing a picture of what the story means to them. This student saying that he likes it when his friends come for a sleep over and he draws the bed, the mattress, the sheets, the bed cover and is happy to tell me what it is all about.


We had early dismissal the last two days and the school had a good number of parents visit, meet with some of the intermediate teachers in the gym and see some of the students work posted in the hallways and at many of their desks in the classrooms.

I have written before how important it is to get a good narrative report on your child's progress and visiting the school and your child's teacher goes a long way to accomplishing that objective.

Thanks so much to the parents who were able to take the opportunity to visit this week.

Quite a find today... blow up the photo and you will see why.
Remember... Tomorrow is Movember Friday. We'll see you at the school tomorrow with your real or fake Movember mustache!

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