Friday, November 25, 2011

Movember Friday

Earlier this week I visited the intermediate classes (Gr 4 to 7) and talked with them about Movember and what it was all about. One of the teachers had the idea that the kids in her class might like to have a mustache day and that blossomed into the other classes wanting to take part as well. I had a fun time taking photos... some staff participated and one of our PAC co-chairs showed her mustache off as well. Over 90% of the children took part in this event today.

Movember is coming to an end and if you would like to see my 'stache, you can visit my Movember page.

As a learning thing for me tonight, I took a good selection of the photos I took and made a slide show from them using a piece of software I use for stills, but not for movies. Click the start button to see how it turned out.

I want to show you some Friday artwork which is an update from what I posted yesterday from Ms. Kennedy's class. If you didn't see the drawing yesterday, you may wish to look back.

Today the students began the project with their own pieces of the puzzle. They had their square, and a coloured piece of the original piece of art that was their part. Some of the students you can see from this collage, got together with their small pieces to get an idea of what the bigger part might look like for them. As individuals the students worked on their part and then Ms. Kennedy posted back on the wall their progress to date. There is more work to be done and I will look forward to watching the students progress with this interesting project.

Please note that Monday is a non-instructional day and while your children will not be at school, I will be there as will a number of the teachers. Drop by if you like.

Otherwise... see you later next week.

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