Thursday, November 3, 2011

A good question

I was surprised today when one of the primary students asked me why I write my blog! At first I didn't think he said "blog", but when I bent down to listen more closely, that was the word he used. I sensed from what he said that he had heard his mom and dad talking about my writing. I told him that writing was something I just liked to do ... specially when I thought I had something to write about, getting a chance to share what I see and do. Then the bell rang and he ran to go in from the lunch break. It was a very good question.

I've been in to Ms. Kennedy's class a number of times while the children were working on projects with the Notebook software. Today was a day to share their work with the class. There is an online version of the software which some of you might like to look at. The cost is $0... definitely in budget.

Smart Notebook Express. The software can be used right online or a copy can be downloaded to your computer. If any of the students bring a flash drive to school, they can get a copy of their projects home and open it right from this site.

It was nice to see some of the students using the online library system we have to search for some books.

I'll post the link again the the School District Library Server. From there you can choose Cedar Grove and search for materials with your children. You can even see if a book you are looking for is at another school. There are no IDs or Passwords required to use this website.

Sometimes teaching social responsibility skills is a part of my job and today was no exception as I helped some of our youngest students a few times resolve problems. Although the behaviours for the immediate concern go away fairly quickly, it is important that we teachers and you as parents continue to reinforce the cooperative behaviours when we see them.

We had a guest at the school today, our RCMP school liaison officer, Lana McNeil popped by and briefly visited all the classrooms. It was nice to see her. I hope one day she has the time to pop by at recess or lunch time to visit the children on the grounds.

Faceoff! Let me tell you there was lots of excitement in this game.

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