Monday, November 21, 2011

Monday, Monday...

Now, does this title date me or what...

Mondays are often good days after the children have had their weekend experiences, ones which many want to tell me when they get to school. And yes, I was there today. Some of you may recall that I am at Cedar Grove to Christmas or the return of Mr. Hunt. He had hoped to be back today, and I got an email from him yesterday saying he is just not ready for a return just yet. It does look right now as though I will be here for another month, so start watching for the December/Christmas ties.

Last Monday I let you know about a Science Unit Mr. Kerr was starting with the students called Science in a Bag with their experiments coming from the site under the link above. It is an interesting site that comes to the class from New Zealand. The photo here is of the criteria sheet for marking the projects which are due beginning the week of December 5 since school is closed on November 28th so that is the next day Mr. Kerr is here. Parents of students in this class may want to get involved with the projects.

As you can see the marking will be a collaborative effort on the part of students and Mr. Kerr, with the criteria laid out well in advance. The experiment itself is marked out of 10 (clicking the image will blow it up) and the write up (written or typed) out of 20. I was in the class when the students went over the criteria so I know the meaning of COPS ... you may have to ask you child what that means - think good writing - and they should know, or ask someone to explain it to them again.

It is exactly what it looks like. I was out walking and talking with the students when my eye caught a number of children out in front of the school gathered into a tight group. Thinking gang-fight (NOT ;-) I headed over to see what was up and found the children doing the limbo. Pretty creative thinking going on to make the set-up work with a couple of stumps and a stick.

I'll leave you with something to think about tonight and would be interested in you thoughts as comments to this post.

Don't be shy.

Mondays are for many classes the day of the Spelling Pre-test with practise throughout the week and a final test Friday (and, yes, I did use the British spelling for the verb).

Here is a blog article I read on the weekend as the source for my enquiry about your thoughts on having spelling tests.

Volleyball practice (back to some people's norms) tomorrow morning and I will hear how the play date after school went.

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