Saturday, November 19, 2011

Found it

I went to school this morning and found my camera. I also found two of your teachers actively involved in lesson preparation for next week. It was nice to chat with them for a few moments and then head off to lower Gibsons for a bit of a walk.

I mentioned a bit yesterday about the use of technology tools and had these three shots from yesterday to share. As you have gathered I believe the use of technology tools is important for the growth of today's student, however, I fully believe that the teacher remains the most important person in the "9-3" educational life of the child. Introducing literacy and numeracy topics to these young grade 1 and 2 students and giving them a good feeling about learning is so important.

I guess that fits in with my good feeling about seeing some of our primary teachers at work this Saturday morning.

I've been thinking a bit about where to get some beachfront relaxation this winter and these ducks and gulls seem to have made a late Fall decision to choose Gibsons.

See you Monday...

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