Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Today was a day full of variety. I didn't get as much time in classes today as I would have liked, but the day was a busy one with more time sensitive administrivia accomplished.

The photo on the left is one I took after school before I went into an Administrator's meeting in Sechelt. I just had to stop and spend a few moments thinking about how fortunate I am to be doing the things I get to do and how the minor disappointments earlier in the day were just that - minor.

It really was enjoyable watching the primaries at lunch time today explore the book fair and ask their questions about how good a book was they wanted to buy, how much would it cost, would the money they had in hand be enough... all to show us their love for books and reading. The library will benefit from this fund raiser and we have the PAC to thank along with Ms. Corbo and Mrs. Randall for organizing things. And, I was reminded again today how some of our grade seven students contribute their time to help get things moving along so well.

Tonight our PAC came out about a fifteen or so parents strong to talk about our earthquake preparedness and how to support our school in ways of providing some of the learning resources our school budget can't support at this time. You need to consider how you can be involved ... as Mrs. Riggs said, there are many parents who work behind the scenes on numerous activities and that the PAC needs some new parents willing to step in as leaders.

Watch the website and the PAC wall outside the office for the minutes of this meeting to be posted.

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